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Reviews From Our Customers

tripadvisor reviews of Marvin Villareal Marvin Villareal
December 2023

Taco Joyride

A joyride through taco heaven! downtown of CDMX culinary treasures delighted, though a few hidden spots fell short of the full 5 stars

google-reviews-profile Luc Fitzpatrick Luc Fitzpatrick
December 2023

Coffee Nirvana!

A sensory symphony of flavors! This coffee-tasting experience was a 5-star journey through the rich tapestry of Mexican beans. A caffeine enthusiast's dream!

tripadvisor reviews of Marvin Villareal Sofia Warren
November 2023

Refined Retreat

Owner-led tours in Mexico City had an air of sophistication, but some aspects were less refined. A journey with polish.

tripadvisor reviews of Marvin Villareal Jim Valdez
November 2023

Bean Delight

A delightful journey into Mexican beans! While the experience was superb, a few aspects missed the 5-star mark. A solid 4-star coffee adventure.

google-reviews-profile viola rhodes Viola Rhodes
December 2023

Taco Extravaganza!

A taco tour fit for royalty! Strolling through El Centro, we discovered hidden taco gems. Five stars for the flavor fiesta and a guide who turned our taste buds into salsa dancers.

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